Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I recently watched a short video about motivating yourself when getting healthy and exercising. The point of the video was to encourage integrity. I've always thought of myself as someone with a great deal of integrity. And I do keep my word achieve my goals......for other people. I keep promises to others, I work hard wherever I'm employed, I was always an over achiever for my teachers in school and I even make sure my kids get the most out of their childhood that I can provide. So, why did I feel chagrined by the contents of this video? Because the big point that was made was that in order to succeed in your health goals, you have to have integrity and keep promises you make to yourself! I did very well last summer staying active and even losing 12 pounds! I felt wonderful! Then the winter came and so did the snow, and the holidays, and illness and being cooped up inside all day and yadda yadda yadda. It could be said that some of the choices I made were not great. Okay they were pretty poor. Then we got our treadmill this spring! Hooray! And yet things only changed a little. I made sure that all of the things on my "to do" list were taken care of but was I even on that list? I am now and I'm determined to put a little check in the box next to the word "workout." I was very proud of myself for pushing myself for an extra 130 calories burned beyond my usual 200 last night on the treadmill. Then I examined my cereal box this morning and found that 1 cup had 200 calories before milk. Reality check. While it was better than not working out at all, I know I could have done more (I wasn't even winded). Time to stop letting myself off the hook. Here goes nothin'....well, somethin'.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dear Boys

Dear Cooper and Tucker,
This morning I chose snuggles in bed with you over closing the windows early. Sure, it made the house a little warmer than usual, but it did the same for my heart so I'd say the trade was fair.

Monday, July 9, 2012

No, we did not fall off of the face of the planet. However, I have learned that the year between the age of 2 years and 3years old for twin boys is a CRAZY one! There was a lot of fun, and some unbelievable tantrums, the mess of potty training, the joy of riding bikes, visits with family, holiday chaos, and so much more. I will give a valiant effort to chronicle everything here so I don't forget one precious minute of it, but I'm not making any promises about how quickly that will happen. After all, it is summertime and we've got to enjoy this sun while we have it! Much love a appreciation to anyone out there who still reads this thing. Buh-bye!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I know people look forward to blog updates, but our lives are kinda boring around here. I don't mean to say that I don't have two little boys that constantly keep me on my toes getting into things and running me ragged, but we don't have a whole lot of variety in our daily routine lately. Wake up, eat breakfast, go for a walk, play inside a bit, eat snack, take a nap, play some more (perhaps outside if it's not too hot), eat dinner, swim when daddy comes home, go to bed. We do this EVERY day. I have found that the boys seem to behave better with a strict routine. I'm a bit nervous about the next couple of weeks as TK will be leaving for a scout camping trip for a week and the day her returns we hit the road for Washington where not only the time difference, but visiting with family and the like will completely obliterate the aforementioned routine. I can't exactly say I'm looking forward to 12 hours in a car with two two year olds either, especially since we're taking the Montana route this time so we won't be entirely sure where we're going. We may be shooting ourselves in the foot by trying to drive through the night so the boys will be sleeping most of the trip. This means they'll be rested, but we won't. TK will get the worst of it as he will have literally just returned from a week long hiking and camping trip. Really. He will come home, take a shower and then get back in the car. However seeing family for a few days (five days) will be a nice light at the end of the tunnel. Do you folks have any tips for making car trips like this tolerable??? I'll be making some small neck pillows for the boys to make car seat sleeping a little more cozy, but not sure how to keep the hubsters and I awake during our driving shifts. Anything you have found helpful would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Time

The summer has officially showed up here in Rexburg and there have been some fun adventures now that it's here. I don't think I have captured any of them on camera, so I'll have to start remembering to do so. We make weekly trips to the Farmer's Market (every Friday) where we almost always have to get a "flavor ice." This is the boys' term for the Snoasis shaved ice/sno cone. We always get a "glacier," which means they put ice cream in the bottom (vanilla). It is so yummy and helps cool us down when the sun is getting a little strong. There have been many a trip to the splash park and carousel at Porter Park and we ended up putting up our above ground pool. Even though I really wasn't thrilled about the idea (I had MANY reservations), the hubby set it up and filled it anyway. And though it is hard to juggle two little ones in the water, the cool water does feel rather nice on a hot day and it doesn't cost anything to go to the backyard so it's saving a little money. Very little. The cost to fill it and run the filter is not small. There is a new water park two blocks down the street--Rexburg Rapids--but you have to pay to play so we haven't tried that one yet. It looks fun though, with water slides for "big kids" and adults and wading areas for little ones.
The boys and I have a regular morning walk while it's still cool outside and though I wasn't sure the exercise was doing any good, I'm happy to report that I'm not totally mortified to be seen in my swimsuit. Granted I'm not thrilled either and will stick to the backyard until things fit a little better, but just a few months ago (October) that spandex was stretch to the brink and still wasn't keeping things where they should be. Not. Cute. I have been telling myself that my real body is in there somewhere and I'm excited to see the "extra" start to diminish.
There was a wonderful 4th of July celebration at our house yesterday and we went to the parade in the morning which was fun for the boys because they were old enough to care this year. I will hopefully be posting pictures soon! See you later!

Friday, June 10, 2011


I'm sorry there hasn't been a lot of updating here lately. The sun has finally made an appearance and we are enjoying every moment we can in it. Even if only for half a day until the rain comes. Today we went to the spray park and froze and then dried off and rode the carousel. The boys were so wiped out they fell asleep as soon as I started the engine to drive home. What fun! The terrible twos are in full swing here as well. The boys are often in "the naughty spot" for some reason or another and I have to say that removal of privileges and rewards due to bad behavior is harder on a mommy than I think it is on the little ones. Today has been a pretty okay day with only a few lapses in judgement this morning. I will attempt to put some pictures up soon, when I remember to take them. I'm off to enjoy some more fun in the sun. I'll try to keep you posted soon!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Here is some proof that I do get dressed every once in a while. Baby steps.....
Daddy was working on the car and Tucker found a toy in the car jack. So, jeans and a sweatshirt with messy hair, but not pjs. Although admittedly pretty close.

This is Cooper changing his "Goober" bear's diaper. He was very proud of himself. And look! An almost outfit on my part.

Okay, so Sundays don't really count because there are two parents home all day and I get ready for church in the morning, but I was dressed all the same! Now to make it a habit. :-p Sad really that it takes so much work to get out of my pajamas, but what do I have to get dressed for? Perhaps some play dates are in order or lunch with friends so I feel a little motivated. Any volunteers?